About us


About us

Dom Impec’ is a concierge company that offers its customers various services, of which the Real Estate Concierge is part of one of them. We have short-term, medium-term, and shared accommodation available throughout the year, fully equipped with an impeccable comfort.

On our website we have merged two major services, we offer international and local tourist accommodation. These two distinct experiences allow our loyal customers to be able to find a rental regardless of the desired destination. Dom Impec’ have made a selection of a hundred international rentals made available on this platform carefully selected by our team.

We all have this great desire to contribute to the well-being of our environment by committing ourselves with this fight against pollution that puts our atmosphere on a journey.

This is why Dom Impec’ mission is to participate at its scale by contributing to a near future that turns to electricity, it invests in electric vehicles for its customers who will allow them to move without constraints for our environment, with the possibility of reserving their vehicles at each visit and recharging them with electric terminals at their disposal.

Our vision is to allow our future employees to be trained with excellence, which is why we provide theoretical tools on how to undertake based on real experience. While remaining the most honest and realistic about the different challenges that an entrepreneur can face. Dom Impec’ wants to put all the necessary information in his power for their success.

Our team aims to receive all the delegation and constraint of our partners, so that they have peace of mind, we put the necessary energy for the proper functioning of their accommodations which our partners trust us totally.